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Tem idade legal para consumo de bebidas alcoólicas - 18 anos?

Os produtos alimentares presentes no nosso website estão sujeitos a constantes alterações das quais o consumidor se deverá informar. A empresa Manuel Figueiredo e Barbosa Costa Lda não é responsável por divergências e/ou alterações relacionadas com a informação dos produtos presentes no website, facultada pelo fornecedor/fabricante, e que figura nos respetivos rótulos. Por esta razão, recomenda-se que seja lida a informação nutricional, os ingredientes, as recomendações de utilização, preparação e/ou conservação, assim como outras informações pertinentes antes da utilização ou consumo do produto.

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1. Delivery:

We do not ship on certain holidays. We can only fulfill the delivery of an order if the delivery address is a house or office located in one of the countries mentioned in the list of countries available in the Delivery and Shipping Costs menu. If your country is not on our list of destinations please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +351 232 441 179, or by e-mail

To receive the order is necessary to ensure that someone is at the address. This service does not include option of scheduling or marking, so delivery of the order will be made without prior contact by the carrier. We do not guarantee the normal delivery period in the periods of promotions, balances, Christmas and stock break.

A delivery is deemed to be effected or a product is deemed to be delivered with the signature of the delivery receipt at the agreed upon address.

2. Delivery Time:

If you confirm your order on a business day until 12 am and pay for the respective means of payment, your order will be sent as soon as you have it ready in our warehouse, the next business day (weekends and holidays are not considered as business days) . If you choose to pay by ATM reference, the sending is less effective, since we will only send after receiving payment. Delivery may take between 2 to 7 business days, for Continental Portugal.

The Seller will not be liable for any breach or delay in performance of any obligation due to an event of force majeure, that is, an event, act or omission, beyond its reasonable control (Force Majeure Event - which includes any event, act or omission beyond Seller's reasonable control).

We will attempt to deliver on time, to the extent that it is commercially reasonable. Normally we always do this way, however, we can not guarantee timely delivery.

3. Partial Deliveries:

Whenever possible we try to deliver everything in just one shipment. However, we reserve the right to split the delivery of the order, for example (but not limited to) only if part of the order is delayed or unavailable. In the event that we proceed to the division of the order, the customer will be notified by e-mail of our intention to do so. For this purpose will be used the email address provided by the customer at the time of purchase.

4. Inspection Upon Delivery:

At the time of delivery, the customer must inspect the packaging for any damage. If you find that the products are damaged, the customer should not accept delivery, which will be returned. Portugal Wine Castes, will analyze nonconforming products, and based on the results obtained, will grant or not to the return. In the case of non-compliant products, the company will reimburse the amounts paid for the order and the transport as soon as the warehouse orders and completes the return process or assigns a credit taking into account the value of the product, to be used later in the purchase of any another product marketed by Portugal Wine Castes. You should inspect the products within a reasonable time after the order is received. It will be considered by us as having accepted the products, unless you notify us within 30 days after receiving the products to be rejected. For further information please contact us at, or by calling +351 232 441 179.